Why Cristiano Ronaldo Is NOT The Best Player In The World

First of all, I am a Ronaldo fan. I do not ‘dislike’ the guy and do not prefer Messi. But speaking just in football term, Messi is definitely better.

The Balón d’or is awarded to the BEST PLAYER and not the player who has won the most important trophies. If it was given out for this reason, then Pepe should have won it as he too won both competitions and performed a lot better than Ronaldo in both. Also, during the European Championship, Ronaldo was probably at his worst I have ever seen him play and he didn’t play the final. By contrast, Messi was phenomenal in the Copa America even though he did miss a crucial penalty. He was playing beautifully. In ever match, he produced something special. And in the a Champions League final other than scoring the winning penalty, Ronaldo did not do much.

Here are the two players stats for club and country 2016:

Cristiano Ronaldo

Appearances: 55   Goals: 51    Assists: 17

Lionel Messi

Appearances: 61   Goals: 58   Assists: 32

So Messi was directly involved in 90 goals and Ronaldo 68. (Ronaldo also scored 4 against Andorra). Messi also has more key passes, dribbles and a better conversion rate per game.

I have never seen Ronaldo play live but have had the pleasure of seeing Messi twice including this season against Sevilla. He is on another level. In a team full of world class players, he stands out by a mile and is at the centre of everything. Messi’s passing and awareness are what really stood out to me. He walks around a lot but he is always looking, analysing and thinking what is going to happen next and then suddenly the ball arrives at his feet as if he could see what was going to happen a minute ago. He also manages to find space all the time even though he is probably the most marked player in the world. His level of football intelligent is unbelievable. 

Ronaldo is a great goal scorer, maybe even the best ever but Messi is a goal scorer and a playmaker. In my opinion, Ronaldo relies on his teammates a lot more than Messi. Having said that, Ronaldo’s hairstyles are much better. 


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