Differences Between Spain And England: Professionalism

Second part of this series where I talk about MY view on the differences between English and Spanish football.

The players take much better care of themselves here. What I mean by this is that they have a base level of fitness and understand the importance of it. All are in fairly good shape and by this I mean no fatty’s. When the coach arrives at training they already know what they are going to work on and why because of the previous matches or the next match. The training is planned around the matches. This is a massive contrast to England where I can only remember maybe 10 sessions that had a proper tactical reason behind them. Every other time it was just turn up and decide (which generally always ended up being shooting). And fitness training is much more relevant. It is all about short bursts, change of direction and sprinting backwards too. The amount of times I have heard a coach in England say “run around the pitch until I say stop” is unbelievable and possibly one of the stupidest things to say (More on this in a later blog).

Next point, when the coach is explaining something to a certain group of players, the rest will not stand there doing nothing. They will either pass a ball amongst themselves, perform abdominal exercises or stretches. I have never seen this before. It clearly shows they understand the importance of not wasting the session.

All in all, I feel the level of professionalism at this level is a lot higher in Spain than England. Training and Matches are much more thought through and there is a reason behind everything.


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