Differences Between Spain And England: The Warm Up

In this Series of Blogs I will be writing about the differences I have found between Spanish and English football, what I prefer and what I think each nation sound copy from each other.

I have now been in Barcelona for about 3 months and have trained with 5 or 6 different teams. One of the main things that stands out for me is the Warm Up. Yes you read that right, The Warm Up. Every team begins training with ‘Rondo’ and this is not because the Coach tells them too. In England, the most common thing to see is a group of players aimlessly whacking the ball at an empty goal (or maybe a Keeper who’s not really bothering). But here, even the youth teams go out and start with Rondo.

In my opinion, this is the perfect warm up exercise. Firstly, it works your touch but more importantly your brain. You need to think before you get the ball and process the information quickly (If not you will spend a lot of time in the middle closing down the ball and trust me, this is not fun) The game is also extremely fun and although its serious, there’s always a lot of banter and so it’s great for team bonding. It also sets the tempo for the rest of the session as it gets you going at high intensity.

I’m sure that English teams would benefit massively just from changing this tiny thing. This is just one of the many differences I will be writing about. Plenty more to come…

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